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Case studies featuring Physicians’ Assistants (Anaesthesia)

Case studies featuring Physicians' Assistants (Anaesthesia) [Anaesthesia Associates] NHS Employers have published 2 case studies, one from Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and a second from Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. [...]

New video introducing the PA(A) role by NHS Employers

New video introducing the PA(A) role by NHS Employers NHS Employers have created a short film designed to illustrate the role of PA(A)'s, with interviews from Consultant Anaesthetists, Surgeons and current PA(A)'s. [...]

Video on PA(A)s by RCoA

Video on PA(A)s by RCoA A short video developed by the Royal College of Anaesthetists explaining the Physicians' Assistant (Anaesthesia) role. With over 170 qualified PA(A)s currently in practice (May 2018) across the [...]

Voluntary Register – RCoA

Voluntary Register - RCoA All PA(A) are reminded that a voluntary register is the first step towards a statutory register, held by a regulator. PA(A)s are reminded to join the Royal College of [...]

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